Hotel Villa Moretti Trogir

Hotel Villa Moretti Trogir

Hotel Villa Moretti in Trogir is a charming, boutique hotel in a 17th century palace, built by the Moretti family of navigators and shipowners. The accommodation is right on the waterfront, overlooking the historic town of Trogir. There is no better place to relax and enjoy the views than Hotel villa Moretti Trogir, before taking a gentle five minute quayside stroll into the Renaissance town, to explore the shops, bars, restaurants and cultural attractions of this UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Hotel Villa Moretti and a good part of the room interior, remained preserved.

We offer very comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation in four stylish, well equipped, en-suite rooms, each with fabulous views like those in the clickable pictures on the left. Plus a large terrace overlooking the marina, towards the panorama of Trogir bay.


Hotel villa Moretti is owned by family Moretti and its ancestors since 1792. It belongs to the group of historical protected houses in Trogir. Therefore we dont have an elevator but we are ready to help you with your luggage.
Mayor part of the interior like fresco painted ceillings are originally saved and made more than 150 years ago.( made by venetian workers)
Family is wellknown for its collection of nautical eqipement ( used on Morreties gullets) and old marrittime maps , as well as collection of original old postcards of Trogir, some Croatian and European towns.
One part of the collections is possible to see in entire family books monographs of Hotel Villa Moretti Trogir, be sure to visit photo gallery Villa Moretti

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